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V/A – A Tribe Called Glitch Vol.1 – Elements of Circuitry

V/A - A Tribe Called Glitch Vol.1 - Elements of Circuitry

CD, Backwards Records, 2005

Backwards Records is a Seattle-based label which specialises in glitch and some very interesting unstructured noise. It having been named as “Best Experimental Noise” label by westword.com, this CD had a lot to live up to and it doesn’t disappoint.
Most glitch I find a little hard to take, due to its lack of rhythm and structure, but this compilation shows how it can be done right. The CD starts with “Quantum-Source” with a steadily building, industrial sound in “Birth”. dRoID go the way of minimal beats and the track “Nichts” is almost what can only be described as Tribal Disco! The release carries on in a similar vein, structured and noisy, but not harsh, and interesting without being too clever. There are a couple of tracks that didn’t really strike me – Nova-Sak’s offering of “Pure and Brilliant” sounded like someone beating up a car. A novel approach to music, but I’m sure someone appreciates that sound, and The Weirdnerd “Rough Seas”, as that seemed a little directionless to me and never really got anywhere, although it’s a fairly inoffensive track.
In all this compilation is really very good indeed and those who like broken beats/electronica will get a lot of enjoyment out of this release.
Backwards Records motto is ‘Forward Thinking, Backwards Living’; I for one am certainly forward thinking to their next release, and will be giving some of the artists featured on this release a further listen.


— Kate Turgoose

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