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U-inductio – Sounds for contemporary performance, exhibition and dance

U-inductio - Sounds for contemporary performance, exhibition and dance

MP3 release, self-released, 2007

So we have come to the point that I, your humble reviewer, can’t give you any reason why you should not get this release. And that makes me a bit unfortable if I’m honest …
I mean …
First things first: U-inductio is from Italy and as I don’t speak any Italian at all – and the English part of their website seems to be offline – it’s hard to say anything about the project. The two names behind the project, V. Achille and G. Squillace, don’t explain anything, except for the fact it’s a duo. What can be inferred from the titles and information on the website is that they focus on music used in performances. But if they are performance-artists themselves remains a mystery.
And this mystery is a good thing actually. Listening to the music which holds the middle between the glitch in the vein of Ryuchi Ikeda and a fully stripped and minimalistic version of the Einsturzende Neubauten (note: without lyrics) it grows on you with every listen. Lots of squeeky frequencies in the high-end of the spectrum, guitars which seem to have only one or two strings and a nice sound from a scarcely but repetivly touched bass.
The titles don’t explain a lot either, only that there are 9 tracks. In what way they are used for what kind of performance is unknown. Which is good because it makes you feel you’ve missed out on something. And isn’t that the ultimate goal for a release which is an overview of “sounds for contemporary performance, exhibition and dance”?
So basically if the beforementioned touches a string on your mental instrument, you should visit their website and get this release because it is free! In the meantime they have released 3 virtual albums and EP’s, so what’s keeping you? Get into the world of U- inductio and explore the sounds that belong to, or better yet, that are performance-art.


— Bauke van der Wal

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