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Thermometerometer – Who Measures The Measurers?

Thermometerometer - Who Measures The Measurers?

CD-R, Immigrant Breast Nest, 2009

Well, there’s noise, there’s experimental and then there’s… Thermometerometer. Flips, clicks, drones, buzzes, pops and even glitches are thrown together and have things done to them that they could never have imagined in their wildest nightmares on “Who measures the measurers?”, the first release from the Immigrant Breast Nest label.
It’s impossible to classify Thermometerometer beyond “three guys having fun making electronics do things they weren’t designed to”. With a little stretch, you may be able to fit “Centrifuge Party” into a hard, rhythmic dance set, and you could easily scare away unwanted guests with the screeching dissonance of “Dunejam”. Beyond that, you are liable to give yourself palpitations if you pay too close attention – so it’s a lucky thing, actually, that this album only spans six tracks.
This is total abstraction of the term “music”, doing for noise what Braque did for the visual arts. Oddly enough, “Who measures the measurers?” retains far more accessibility to a general audience than most projects this avant-garde would manage to; this could be due to the recognizable rhythmic structures that most tracks stick to, but it’s more likely a side-effect of the unadulterated fun Dan Onion, David A and Don Drope are having in the generation of this mucky, confused amalgam of styles and sounds.


— David vander Merwe

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