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the Gothsicles – Sega Lugosi’s Dead

the Gothsicles - Sega Lugosi's Dead

CD, WTII, 2009

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes we all take ourselves far too seriously, particularly when music is concerned? Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place. The Gothsicles are back to basically inject some much needed humour, fun and energy in to your music collection.
Those of you who heard “NESferatu” should know what to expect from “Sega Lugosi’s Dead” as there’s no real change in the formula, but then one wasn’t needed. We’ve got every subculture reference from comic book characters, through to very well placed samples (kudos to sampling from the animated short “Rejected”) and general piss-taking of the goth culture – anyone who’s ever heard any kind of EBM track or worn nothing but black for a while should definitely get a laugh out of this.
The tracks seem a lot more varied this time around, and Brian’s voice is much stronger than previous, only really relying on the slightly high-pitched and strange semi-spoken style in “mindFluxFuneral owes me like $100”, other tracks being much more energised and generally more shouty. This is a very good thing as I found Brian’s voice could start to irritate after a while, but not with this CD as his style is more varied. “Anal Meat Ft” is really funny if you happen to like Caustic (and considering The Gothsicles tend to play as part of Caustic live, you’re bound to find out about him sooner of later) and is a prime example of why drinking and technology is a bad thing (although Matt from Caustic probably loved every minute of this one)! More piss-taking comes in the form of “I Thought the CD Player Was Broken…But it was Just a Cyanotic Song (feat. Cyanotic)” relating Cyanotic’s music to that of “Robocop with a ruptured spleen”.
There’s a few remixes available but the one of most note has to be “Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Repulsiveness Remix by Boole)” as this is exactly how crazy a remix should be for The Gothsicles, with plenty of samples and crazy vocal effects – utterly perfect for the dancefloor. Other noteworthy remixes coming from Iszoloscope and System Syn.
In all, if you can leave all seriousness behind and enjoy “Sega Lugosi’s Dead” for a really fun CD that doesn’t mind poking fun at just about everything, then you’ll love this CD. It’s utter genius in stupid form!


— Kate Turgoose

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