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Spies under Von Magnet influence – shape your shade

Spies under Von Magnet influence - shape your shade

CD EP, Cinetiks, 2006

Magnificent. That’s pretty much the only way that such a release can be described as, the fruit of a collaboration between Von Magnet, aka Phil Von, Flore Magnet, Jerôme Soudan (the man behind Mimetic) and Spies.
The first track, “Fire of illusions” is a masterpiece in itself, seamlessly merging flamenco guitars with both organic and electronic percussion, the vocals haunting and exquisite in their delivery, carrying you away for the beginning of an intense and dark journey through the rest of the disk, where Spies offer the listener the rare treat of ambience so well composed and structured that it truly draws you at the edge of your seat, anticipating the changes in the shadowy soundscapes that it creates, offering a truly immersive, almost cinematic experience, just as it claims, only without the need for any visual aid.
The only problem to be found with the disc is its rather short length, since it clocks at just less than half an hour, which I believe most will agree is too small a dose of so great listening material, leaving us eagerly awaiting for a more extended and equally satisfying follow up.


— George Mouratidis

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