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Sizzle – Muermotivo

Sizzle - Muermotivo

CD, Facthedral, 2004

A second edition of “Muermotivo”, originally released in 2003 containing three bonus tracks. Musically, this album differs from “Full ScreenAp%gy” first of all by the use of more varied musical elements for realization of concepts.
“Muermotivo” begins quite well: “Post 9 (I.G.M.)” tunes up on a specific atmosphere, “inviting” listener to walk, at least in imagination, on industrial landscapes to the accompaniment of Muermotivo and its noise ambient. The following track, “Photon Noir” continues in a slightly different manner, going deeper into unusual, avantgarde sound at the beginning, but right away going back to minimalistic electronic with doubled or even tripled combined beats and fine background. The bonus tracks “H.B.G.D. Select/Start” and “Funeral Process”, a drum’n’noise track, appeared earlier in music compilations.
“Mantra” stands out from the other tracks in “Muermotivo” by featuring electric guitar. Besides the fact that the guitar is the leading sound here, it doesn’t contrast with the electronic elements and turns the whole composition into an organic structure without sharp edges.
The album ends with two previously unreleased tracks – “Muermotivo – Golden Lazy Mix” (written by Padre PC) and “The Peek Sweep” (written by Patrice Bal). The first presents experiments based on breakbeat and the second ones is based on noise-ambient elements.


— Igor

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