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Provision – Visualize

Provision - Visualize

2CD, A Different Drum, 2004

A writer’s first challenge is to find the perfect topic, so I went with the tried and true standard and decided to write about what I know best. The Houston-based band Provision has created a new synth movement which is taking over the airwaves and club scene. I have been a Provision listener since the beginning and the tours in Texas are stuck in my memory for life.
I did not know what to expect when I first received Provision’s latest album, “Visualize” but I had vividly enjoyed the “Evaporate” album. The synth strings and beats that invaded my ears and my mind caused tears. I was not sure if the new album was going to have that emotional connection with me or not.
“Visualize” starts off with the track “Could’ve Had It All.” I fell in love with this instantly, on the first listen. Clearly, as I decided to do when writing this article, the band stuck to what they know, writing about love, lust, vengeance. However, musically this album has an evolved sound from their two previous albums “Devotion” and “Evaporate”. The band has experimented with new synthesizers and samplers, but still manage to give us the Provision sound we have all grown to love.
This album is full of the emotion that is expected of Provision. The sound invades my mind and makes me want to dance and move and sing along with them and I hope to see more albums like this from Provision. “Visualise” is full of passion and emotion that makes this a staple in any Synthpop (underground) collection. The songs that stuck me emotionally are “Neverending”, “Flood of Emotion” and “Untrue”. They truly spoke to me and provided the emotional reaction I was seeking in this music.
The first 500 copies of “Visualise” feature a bonus disc with remixes by Cloudless, Halovox and other up and coming as well as established artists. The bonus disc also features a few unreleased tracks exclusive to this disc, such as “Replicate” and “Insecurity.”
Normally I don’t care for remixes but “Flood of Emotion (Rename Mix)” and “Untrue (Glow Mix)” are exceptions to this policy. They are both sensational songs on their own, made better by the great artists that remixed them. I hear sounds in this album that I have never heard in any other synthpop (underground) album before. Provision has taken their music to new levels. This will bring them more loyal and frequent fans.
If you have not already obtained this album, I highly recommend that you do so! It is well worth having in your collection. All of the songs on this album are great ones, and like me you will be unable to stop from playing it repeatedly.


— Donald Potter

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