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Nick Grey – Unclear Perspectives – Les Eaux Territoriales

Nick Grey - Unclear Perspectives - Les Eaux Territoriales

CD-R, self-release, 2005

Nick Grey’s CD series “Unclear Perspectives” is advertised as “a friendly soundtrack to your most outrageous meals”, each volume based around one particular instrument. In the case of “Les Eaux Territoriales”, the first volume, the instrument is the guitar, played by guest musician Nicholas Davis.
Clearly the work of skilled and trained musicians, the compositions in “Les Eaux Territoriales” consist of a subtle, meticulous and stylish blend of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. There is some vocal work but it does not stand out, being only another element of the decorative musical tapestry that is “Les Eaux Territoriales”.
Somewhat eccentric, slightly touched by decadence but definitely stylish down to the hand-made package, this is a very interesting release that clearly shows that music does not have to be intense, all-encompassing and engaging. It can be ‘just’ another aesthetically (very) pleasant decorative piece. “Les Eaux Territoriales” fulfills this decorative role quite well: the music is pleasant, non-obtrusive but does influence the behavior of people during conversations. It would seem that there is still room for Tafelmusik and rightly so.


— Miguel de Sousa

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