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New Modern Angels – Strangething

New Modern Angels - Strangething

Download-only Single, Electric Fantastic Sound, 2006

From the relatively new record label Electric Fantastic Sound, New Modern Angels are one of the label’s most recent signed Electropop acts from Sweden. After having released a couple of downloadable demos and making their presence know on a couple of compilations, the duo have now officially released their debut single “Strangething”.
I have to say that I was a bit disappointed after hearing how good the single was, that it only offered up three tracks. At first I thought this probably wouldn’t give me enough ground to be able to judge their sound on as a whole, but straight from the opening title track I found myself feeling comfortable in the style that the band have adopted. Throughout the single, the tempo is more often than not slow-paced and nicely layered together with some pretty impressive drum breaks. Musically, the single has everything that you would come to expect to find in an Electropop release, full to the brim with soft vocal harmonies and fairly simplistic yet enjoyable bleeps and blips.It also has to be mentioned that in the title track “Strangething”, the band have made excellent use of a theremin, which in my opinion certainly added a lot of atmospheric flavour to the piece.
A very impressive debut single on the whole from the Electric Fantastic Sound’s Swedish newcomers and, even though it does only offer us three high quality tracks, it still manages to wet the appetite for a forthcoming full-length release.


— Paul Marcham

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