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Netherworld – Otherworldly Abyss

Netherworld - Otherworldly Abyss

CDR, Umbra Records, 2005

Some artists are inspired by their own innovations. Some are driven to create through a variety of muses which contribute to the originality of a piece. Then again, some ‘artists’ sit down, mix, and mash crap together and try to pawn it off as a worthwhile product. The latter is where Netherworld’s “Otherworldly Abyss” comes from.
All of the money in the world couldn’t buy the author of this disk a clue as to how quality (or even tolerable) music is made. Lets start with the first track, “A” (the other tracks are cleverly labeled B, Y, S, and S so when you put them altogether you get “ABYSS”! Whoa!): a tedious example of why ambient music gets such a bad rap. Blowing wind… some chimes… and an absence of anything that could be called exciting or interesting. This track paves the way for the rest of a bland, monotonous entourage of insipid and degrading illustrations of why some people just shouldn’t act on their impulses to create music. Delving further into the CD brings forth very significant alterations of the first track! A pitch change or an added chime every twenty seconds! Basically, the entire album is just dull howling/blowing wind and some snares & chimes.
Highly creative for an eight year old on his or her “My First Synthesizer” but nowhere near the quality that an audience has come to expect from even a poor artist. Final score: zero out of ten habanero peppers.


— Ethan Cohen

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