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Mort Douce – Locust Dreams

Mort Douce - Locust Dreams

CD-R, (((unsterne))), 2008

Mostly unknown to the world, the Polish artist Stalker Sascha surprises that same world with his latest album “Locust Dreams”. Under the name Mort Douce (Soft Death, Sanfte Tot, Zachte Dood) he creates a very nice combination of drones and ambient, and the high quality of the tracks are a mere indication of why it took him five years to finish this album. “Six tracks with a total playing time of 35 minutes, in a strictly limited edition of 115 copies, is that enough to make a difference” you may ask? Well, without any doubt or hesitation: Yes!
The album is based on the poem “Locust Dreams” by writer John Siddique. The poem provides a guideline according to which this album seems to have found its final form. The titles of the tracks are samples – quotes – from this poem. The result is a mesmerising world where you are unable to focus on reality. What is real, what is a dream? Whose dream is it and am I a mere subject in the dream, or am I the dreamer?
The album is a one-run professional CD-r, released by a new subdivision of Danhuser Org, (((unsterne))). It’s the “home of Emo Drones, experimental ambient filled with emotional vibes that should help young teenagers in bleeding and showing their frustration on the internet” (taken from their website).
The blog from Stalker Sascha mentions this is the last the world will hear from Mort Douce, but hopefully he will reconsider. And let’s hope it is just the beginning of what (((unsterne))) will be delivering in the future.


— Bauke van der Wal

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