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Kryptogen Rundfunk + Hladna – Rokton + Formanta

Kryptogen Rundfunk + Hladna - Rokton + Formanta

3″ CD-R, Zhelezobeton, 2007

This three-track mini-CD is the result of a collaboration between two St. Petersburg-based musicians, and was released by the Russian independent label, Zhelezobeton, which is basically focused on experimental, noise and industrial music. The record’s title actually comes from the names of the two synthesizers which were used during its recording. Although these two devices are pretty much identical, the two artists use them in totally different ways. Kryptogen Rundfunk tends to create ethereal pads and drones, and Hladna mostly concentrates on percussive, harsher noisy sounds. The whole thing seems to have been recorded rawly, without any processing.
This work’s final result are three long untitled tracks, meditative and disturbing at the same time, which will please all the lovers of the ambient-noise and drone genres – all those who enjoy good sound design more than any kind of enchanting melodies or pounding beats. For the other listeners, I have to admit this is not a very accessible record, not the kind you would listen to as a first insight into the noise genre.


— Olivier Noel

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