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Ketem – Colour

Ketem - Colour

3″ CD-R, Electroton, 2010

There’s a new label in town and this is one you should beware of. It’s called Electroton and listening to their most recent releases – which they sent to us in a bundle – they seem to reach out for the audience for whom Raster-Noton is a way of life.
After one pressed CD in 2007 by the German Martin Weiss – who is also the man behind Electroton – there were 4 releases available as download of which 1 was also released as CD-R. This all took place between 2007 and beginning of this year. As these releases weren’t sent in the package we can only listen on the website to the obligatory samples. And you are all invited to do the same.
Early 2010 a decision was made and the next four releases were all released on 3″ CD-R in a clear mini-DVD casing. The artwork is the same for each of the 4 releases: A transparent inlay with only the most needed information. So not only musically it fits the Raster-Noton label, also when it comes to design it’s going in that direction.
First of the four releases (ton006) is by the Israel artist Ketem. The four tracks hardly take 10 minutes to finish and reminds of a mixture between Alva Noto (the structures) and Ryuji Ikeda (the sounds). The people behind Ketem are Darmock and Mise en Scene and listening to their solo projects it’s hard to imagine the mix between the two could get so freaky (7.5)
An interesting release from a label which one should definitely keep track of!


— Bauke van der Waal

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