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Jetstream Lovers – Voodoo Nature

Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature

EP, Line Out Records, 2007

Jetstream Lovers launched their first album and 10 points for them; we have a nice debut EP – rich in content and diversity. The name of the album troubled me a little, since I found no connection to the songs whatsoever. Looking at the booklet, I found the lyrics of a song with the same name, but there was no song like that on the CD! These boys are a mess, I thought, but I was wrong. “Journey to Storyville”, the last song of the album, starts with a distorted and almost imperceptible voice, speaking about the upcoming storm; “voodoo nature leering heavy water”. Since, as they say, the devil is in the details, then these boys are pretty aware of it!
The songs are quite good. From “Vanessa”, the first song of this album, we find ourselves driving through a colorful universe of peculiar stories and retro sensations. And yes, there is a cover of Ace of Base’s “All that she wants” in the middle of all this tamed explosion of pragmatic indie, electropop and rock and roll irreverence.
Behind this mix of influences from David Bowie to Nine Inch Nails, passing trough Duran Duran and The Beach Boys, there are Ross Tregenza, Elisha Bogle, Edy Green, Ali Power and Alex Parsons. All newcomers? No way! Ross, Edy and Ali had already proven their audacity with Goteki, a peculiar 90’s electro-industrial band. Plus, Ross is also member of the new Visage, a re-launch of the famous 80’s pop band, responsible for hits like “Fade to Grey”.
One more thing. Call me insane, but isn’t “Vietnam” some kind of dismantled cover of Type O Negative’s “Black N. ยบ 1”? Do you remember…? “…loving you is like loving the dead.”? Yes, I must be insane…


— Pedro Vieira

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