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Iszoloscope / Ebola – yb70.09

V/A - Iszoloscope/Ebola

CD, Yb-70, 2004
yb70.free.fr + www.iszoloscope.net

With “Ah-Cama-Necroscope”, “Les Gorges Des Limbes” and this split EP with Ebola coming out one right after another, it certainly looks like 2004 has been a very productive year for Yann Faussurier (alias Iszoloscope). This release, under the banner of Yb70 Parazit, has something different to offer, sounding a bit like tracks that couldn’t fit Iszoloscope’s double-CD masterpiece that was “Au Seiul Du Neant”. The three Iszoloscope pieces present in this EP are simply put, intense.
Iszoloscope creates ambient build-ups that lead to layers upon layers of furious drum-beats, sending oscilloscopes and listeners alike into frenzy, which is just what everyone would expect from an act of this caliber. Unfortunately, said everyone (including me) may feel disappointed by the just too many similarities to older material. Probably not groundbreaking but it is top-notch power-noise nevertheless. A real treat for the loyal followers, and equally good for the uninitiated.
Ebola comes next, marking the second half of the disc with a significant change of pace.
Where Iszoloscope treads with speed and style, Ebola dishes it out with material that is slower, chuggy and loud. Ebola favours the lower frequencies but without fear of occasionally shredding your tweeters, easily stomping its way through the rest of the EP with 3 noise tracks that are uncompromising in both complexity and heaviness. The faint hints of lyrics, along with the multitude of samples that are cleverly positioned throughout the tracks add points to the mix as well, ultimately leaving a rather good impression, along with hopes of further, more extended releases from this act.
To conclude, this release shines with great quality material, which in combination with the excellent price makes this split EP a great release for power-noise fans and even a good starting point for those that are simply curious.


— George Mouratidis

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