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igOr OGOGO – Solo View

igOr OGOGO - Solo View

CD, self-release, 2007

Expectation is a dangerous thing. I have heard a few tracks by this well respected artist and was always intrigued to hear more. This was confirmed when I was at last lucky enough to catch him on the live circuit. “All in all, a good portent for when his latest album drops through your door,” you would think.
Classifying “Solo View” as experimental would be an understatement. Layer upon layer of oddly placed almost-jazz influenced guitars, high pitched resonating feedback and the lark would be enough usually to get me on side. Unfortunately this was all just lost on me. Nowadays there has to be that edge, experimental artists are ten a penny and whilst IgOr is a credible artist he tends to follow down the route of being a little too clever for his own good on this release, forgetting that sometimes we just like to listen to songs.
This is art for art’s sake in a lot of respects and there was a danger that I would start skipping tracks in desperate fashion, trying to eek out some life amongst the depths of this disc. I felt emotionless and numb, and it was all a little too much for me. Top it all off with a less than perfect production and this is just the sort of album that you will shrug your shoulders to and immediately forget. I am fairly certain his long term fans will lap this up, but I for one just don’t see the point when you cannot even be inspired to put pen to paper about an album that leaves you indifferent


— Tony Young

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