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Hungry Lucy – To Kill a King

Hungry Lucy - To Kill a King

CD, Hungry Lucy Music / Alfa Matrix, 2005

Hungry Lucy have strong emotional lyrics that draw you into their world and give you a front row seat to a great story, painting a picture of a universe like no other, the very vivid and descriptive lyrics giving birth to a scene of greatness. I love how this album tells a story, and haven’t heard too many albums that do that correctly.
What amazes me about this album is how they go from trip-hop to ambient music so easily and that they do it with such talent, like from the calm lyrics of “Good Girl” to the dance floor worthy track “You Are”. The title track, “To Kill a King”, with its very dark title and even danceable dark music keeps up with the other great songs in the album, a song starting off with some trance inspired music, and then the unforgettable female vocals telling another story, about a madness driven king.
The track “Good Girl” stands out in my mind right now; it starts off with very raw piano cords, and then Christa Belle’s (lead female vocalist) smooth words come in to complement the instrumentals by War-N (the other half of this band, in charge of music and production). This album is one of the best I have heard in a long time. This song stirs something up in my emotional being.
“To Kill a King” features 4 remixes at the end of the album. In my opinion “The Chase (f09 mix)” is one of the best remixes I have seen and can’t wait to hear it on the dance floor. Null Device is another featured remix artist on this album remixing “You Are”, mixing some of the great synthpop/industrial techniques into this trip-hop song.
I can’t stop listening to this album right now; this is a great change of pace for me, an unforgettable album. If you can buy “To Kill a King” or see a show, go for it! It will be an experience that you will never forget. When I close my eyes while I listen to this album, I picture a great band with a great sound, and this is what Hungry Lucy is.


— Donald Potter

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