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HIV+/Babylone Chaos – Split

HIV+ / Babylone Chaos - Split

10″, OPN Production, 2008

If you’re unfamiliar with either of these staples of the French industrial scene, then this split EP is hardly the place to begin. Neither artist is particularly well represented on any of the five tracks offered up; making it unlikely that anyone except diehard fans or DJs will be purchasing this.
If, however, you do fall into the above categories, then you can’t fail but to be drawn into the strange dichotomy that is presented: two typically crushing, mechanical tracks, exactly as expected from HIV+, then a short EBM-flavoured interlude in the form of a remix of “Warm Leatherette” by Normotone, finally culminating in two flowing soundscapes from Babylone Chaos. The tension created by merging the highly rhythmic HIV+ with the more organic Babylone Chaos is, at the very least, unnerving, if not downright uncomfortable. Hardly the obvious choice when juxtaposing artists on one record, but it is effective – in a way that is quite accurately mirrored in the beautifully rendered cover art, a clever manipulation illustrating a screaming man’s head shattering by MineUchi. This is an especially good looking piece to add to your collection, presented as a 10″ vinyl picture disc.
It’s good, but not for the right reasons; the music isn’t what sells this EP – the artwork, the artists’ names and, ultimately, the exclusivity of the item unfortunately overshadow the very powerful moods portrayed within the very well constructed sounds delivered by two extremely capable established industrial acts.


— David vander Merwe

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