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Herbst9 – Buried under time and sand

Herbst9 - Buried under time and sand

CD, Loki Foundation, 2005

Not many artists can pull off creating an entire album of background ambient music, but Herbst 9 has a significant history in being one of the few that can.
With their latest album, “Buried Under Sand and Time”, Herbst 9 has successfully managed to bring what most would consider environmental audio to the forefront. Rather than blending into the white noise of everyday life, “Buried Under Sand and Time” manifests itself as a beautiful and intricate soundscape of constant curiosity. While subtle and intriguing, this album cannot be dismissed as boring simply because there are so many divergent elements to the songs.
Each track has its own individual flavor, but when the album is listened to continuously, said tracks blend together into one gorgeously written and composed piece.
Final score: nine out of a possible ten habanero peppers.


— Ethan Cohen

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