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Hanzel und Gretyl – Über Alles

Hanzel und Gretyl - Über Alles

CD, Metropolis, 2003

My first reaction upon seeing and hearing “Über Alles” was total and complete surprise. It was quite natural that a change in HuG’s sound would have taken place, considering that six years have passed since their last recording (“Transmissions from Uranus”) but, since the band kept a rather low profile during that time, there was no way of knowing what Loopy and Vas Kallas had in store.
“Über Alles” can easily be described as a kitsch ‘wagnerian epic’ space-opera. In many aspects it is a metal album (electro-industrial metal…?) with the typical guitar and drum work as well as the occasional growling vocals. But all the characteristic HuG elements are also there: electronic melodies, beats, spacey-sounds, vocal distortion and the occasional Prodigy influence. The music is quite catchy and the lyrics are rather simple, being almost slogan-like, but HuG are not the ones to look up to for deep meaningful lyrics. The end result is an ambitious musical hybrid which works quite well, despite the disparate influences.
Also, HuG’s aesthetics evolved from “galactic peace and love” towards a “pan-galactic fascist empire at war” kitsch bordering on the nazi (literally). Is this a bad thing? In my humble opinion, not necessarily so, unless one is too dumb (or too politically motivated, or both which is the most common case) to actually get the joke that is being played on the audience.
In the grim darkness of the future there is only war… Fukken Über!


— Miguel de Sousa

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