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Dalglish – Ideom

Dalglish - Ideom

CD, Record Label Records, 2008

This is a very curious CD. For a start it has taken me about three or four listens to actually finally ‘get it’ and be able to write something about it, which probably says a lot for this release. “Ideom” is uneasy listening for glitch enthusiasts, but it bears some resemblance to Power Electronics too. It has a serious feeling of unease and general auditory discomfort, but without the anger. It is spooky stuff which I can imagine being used as soundtrack to an art installation, or something visually terrifying.
It begins with a short introduction in the form of “Exhinenoln”, but doesn’t begin in a quiet or understated way – it just gets straight down to business, and sets the tone for the rest of the album; glitchy, slightly noisy, and loaded with fear for nearly 2 minutes. “Hysgeil” is slightly calmer, but it has an unsteady beat and what sounds like someone breathing amongst the electronics. I’ve not felt this uncomfortable since listening to Merzbow’s “Here” – but where Merzbow tends to bludgeon the listener with full on noise (in most cases), Dalglish goes for the sensory attack. There are some moments that are a little lighter but not many (“Tishm” and “F M00” being particular easier to listen to), the rest of the album just takes glitch and electronics to a much more emotional place. I make this sound like a bad thing, and it actually isn’t – sometimes it’s good to feel a wealth of different emotions when listening to something.
In all “Ideom” is a very challenging CD, but a complete one at the same time. It all works so well together that it is hard to pick out specific tracks to listen to – it demands your full attention. Anyone into the darker side of electronic music would be wise to go and buy this. Recommended for those who like to be scared by their CD collection.


— Kate Thurgoose

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