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.cut feat. Gibet – A Stale Affair: Bleach Bride Remixed

.cut feat. Gibet - A Stale Affair: Bleach Bride Remixed

3″ CD-R, [walnut + locust], 2009

It’s hard to write something constructive about a 3″ CD-R with 4 remixes of the same track. The original is from “Angel of Death”, released in 2004 as CD-R on Obsolete Records which, until 2007, was a side-label from the [walnut + locust] webzine. .cut featuring Gibet is the duo behind the original and this little in-between was made to accompany them at some European tour dates in the summer of 2009.
The remixes are created by better known acts like Ambassador 21, Hypnoskull, Bak XIII and AntiGluck and that is why it’s a funny release. The original – or at least the remainder of the original which comes forward in each of the four remixes – isn’t bad at all, and this release gives you the opportunity to see what’s in the mind of the before mentioned remixing artists.
So in all honesty this release didn’t bring me closer to God, or closer to the art of .cut featuring Gibet, but the 20 minutes weren’t a complete loss after all.


— Bauke van der Wal

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