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Britney Spears – In the Zone

Britney Spears - In the Zone

Over two years in the making, “In the Zone” is the fourth and much awaited masterpiece by Britney Spears, the pop diva of the third millennium. Britney’s musical intensity and her evolution from a teen renegade into a provocative young woman are undeniable throughout “In The Zone”.
From top to bottom, Britney effectively expands the parameters of mainstream musical consciousness with songs in which her siren-like voice lures listeners into soundscapes filled with infectious hooks, then captivating them with layers of clever lyrics expertly merged with deft and innovative instrumentation.

Disclaimer: for those reaching this page directly and without context, this “review” was written as part of an April Fool’s prank…

Of great significant as well, is the appearance of pop icon Madonna, who lends her voice to the single “Me Against The Music”. The musical union of Britney and Madonna within the taut, classic-funk groove of this outstanding single is quite real, though, and it reveals each of them at their most kinetic and soulful.

CD, Jive, 2003


— Miguel de Sousa

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