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Babylone Chaos/Lambwool/Le Diktat – Shi

Babylone Chaos/Lambwool/Le Diktat - Shi

CD, OPN Production, 2008

Three separate tracks from all three artists and tracks with all three together, mixing and mashing between each other, versus tracks and the like are the make up of this album. It’s a clever mix for those who don’t have enough tracks for a full entire release or, as is usually the case, good chums who want to make music together and believe they can all bring something genuinely different to the table.
The first thing I did was listen to the artists on their own to get a feel hopefully for what they sound like usually with their respective projects, so I could get a feel for what each artist contributes when collaborating.
Babylone Chaos are all about ambience and film scores colliding with heavy beats, Le Diktat bring a brilliant fusion of light breaks, IDM and masterful synth work and Lambwool appear to impressively hang around emotional cinema scores to Samurai epics. Taking these tracks on their own merits (tracks 1, 5 and 10) boded well for the rest of the release. With the latter two standing out more in the master stakes and were genuinely impressive in their own right, not taking anything away from Babylone Chaos, but the tracks by Lambwool and Le Diktat were fantastic.
The amalgamations of these artists together fuse some very interesting pieces indeed, but none quite match the individuality of Lambwool and Le Diktat on their own, which is a shame. Those two artists collaborating however do mesh very well together, and it was really these two who have carried everything for me, maybe that’s because it is simply the type of music I appreciate rather than Babylone Choas’ own misgivings.
A decent album, not brilliant but with flashes of something fantastic here and there. I will be hunting down some Lambwool and le Diktat in their own right shortly.


— Tony Young

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