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Aube – Chain[RE]Action

Aube - Chain[RE]Action

CD, Blossoming Noise, 2004

This CD of the very prolific Aube is the first release from experimental label, Blossoming Noise. Akifumi Nakajima of Aube has always accustomed us to strange universes and dark ambient produced with sounds recorded in their environment. Aube uses field recordings, electric cables, broken glasses, and heaps of objects from everyday life to make them into harsh symphonies to beautiful effect.
The concept of a single sound for a whole disc is very original and this album is not an exception because Aube has created hypnotic sound spaces with the sounds sampled from metal chains to acute and crystalline sonorities which pierce your cerebral cortex until they conduct you into absolute trance.
Japan has always been the land of extremes and, through its releases of Japanese material, Blossoming Noise is quickly becoming one of the most interesting labels of the moment.


— Pedro Peñas y Robles

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