Tzii – Earthly Excruciate

Tzii - Earthly Excruciate


01. Earthly Excruciate

This release is also available in the form of a hand-made 3″ CD-R edition with a very limited print run of 23 copies, which can be purchased directly from the artist at nightonearth.info.
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About the artist

Since thirteen years Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world through touring from EASTERN and WESTERN EUROPE to AUSTRALIA, passing by USA, CANADA, JAPAN and AFRICA, where he played hundreds of shows… Spreading cinematic dark ambient and raw power electronic anger, His aim is to enclose you into an abusive spiral leading you to an impossible redemption. He created his own label NIGHT ON EARTH in 2001, releasing vinyls and tapes.
As a filmmaker he makes live videos for bands like Parade Ground or Solar Skeletons, directed videoclips for Mourmansk150, HIV+, Solar Skeletons, Fujako, himself and some short movies for v-atak and others…
Sharing hidden ghostly souls is very important to him so he collaborated on stage or in studio with these musicians: Steve MacKay (The Stooges), Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges), Marshall Allen (Sun-Ra Arkestra), Ripit, Gamaboy, Sikhara, Rko, Hop-Frog, Jason Lafarge, Temple Of Bonmatin, Sam Lohman, Alveols, Nevroz, HHY, D’incise, Klstr, Vinnie Paternostro, Najah, Koonda Holaa, Cham, Stalker, Otto von Schirasch, DJ Urine, The Masters Musicians of Hop-Frog, Error, Felakkkzion, Cochlea, Grabuk, Pilami, Synoxys, 1997EV, Luna Dopa, Company Fuck, Rinus Van alebeek, Duflan Duflan, Parade Ground, Mentol Nomad, Madame Patate and many more !

About this release

Human beings always felt the need for domination on their fellow comrades. Unfortunately torture is too often a way to achieve it, treating like pigs the victims. This recording is against all form of excruciate on any living creature. Performed and recorded on one take in Brussels in February 2010.

“This has to be among the most powerful of all the Tzii releases out there. This is one of those single-track items that is guaranteed to evoke, provoke, or nurture a strong emotional response. As with most three-inch discs I have come across [this one unfortunately limited to only 23 physical copies], this is a bullshit-free statement with a bullshitless message. This is expressed in a few simple sentences you will find if you choose to download this track from either Connexion Bizarre or archive.org:
“Human beings always felt the need for domination on their fellow comrades. Unfortunately torture is too often a way to achieve it, treating like pigs the victims. This recording is against all form of excruciate on any living creature.”
And I repeat, ANY living creature. Aside from being a heavy declaration of the right to exist, it is more driven by its opposition to cruelty.
I hate to keep it short and sweet, but this song is a very simple one, and sometimes when one seeks to be empowered, you don’t need a sonic overload. Just something close to an emotional one.
The track is basically made up of Eric’s brilliant trademark drones, coupled of course with some lo-fi samples and home-made electronics. The opening has a drone that is not harsh, but undulating, fading in and out, but never stopping over the Guy Maddin-esque cut-up that I couldn’t make out but certainly enjoy because it just escalates the confusion/tension. But the craziest sound that lets you know something bigger and scarier is about to go down is this repetition of pig squeals that echoes and pans from ear to ear, raising in pitch like the swine is quickly being overcome by sheer terror. VERY UNSETTLING. But SICK! This gives way to a thirteen minute-long, low-end synth drone that will whet anyone’s appetite for that Massive sound [both literal as well as the Native Instruments synthesizer, but keep in mind, Eric is an ALL ANALOG creature!]. The drone is not alone though, as it has some shorter pig sounds, a very piercing but subtle frequency, and something of a ship-horn timbre, at times sounding like a muffled chain-saw, all incorporated in due time and with a necessary gradual pace. The use of the animal sample is key in the song’s message. We humans constantly treat each other as we do a fucking farm animal, exploiting, often times nurturing a target in a very sociopathic manor for one’s own personal benefit.
The end of the track is one of the best I have ever heard. It is a sample of a man reciting articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Spanish, jumping in at article five, through half of article ten.
I gotta say, empathy never sounded so powerful as this track does. Ingenious. I’m pretty sure there are no more physical copies left, but this download is too good to pass up.”

The Formless Kingdom


Performed and recorded by Tzii in one take in Brussels in February 2010 (nightonearth.info, www.myspace.com/tzii and tzii@v-atak.com).
Artwork & layout by Tzii
Mastered by Nyko Esterle

“Earthly Excruciate” by Tzii is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/).

“Earthly Excruciate” is NCB018

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