Auto-Auto – Connected Totem

Auto-Auto - 'Connected Totem EP'

After “Sounds of a New Generator”, the debut album of the Swedish duo Auto-Auto, the band and their label, Substream, released the follow-up “Totem EP”, a free online release under a Creative Commons license, which was accompanied by a remix contest, with remix kits being freely released for the all the songs on the EP. This remix contest, organized with a variety of partners (including the Swedish publication Musikermagasin), featured prizes for the best remixes and some were selected for official release. A selection of remixes was also chosen to be featured as part of a freely downloadable online EP to be permanently hosted in the Connexion Bizarre media section with full credit to the remixers involved.


01 – 5 57 (D-Coder Remix)
02 – Gloria (Doesn’t Have a Thing on You Mix by Cisc)
03 – Transidimensional (Assembly remix by Sinthesis)
04 – Transdimensional (Closer Contact Remix)
05 – Transdimensional (Transience by MaNi)

Download full release (33Mb .ZIP file)
Download individual files

The Remixers

D-Coder D-Coder
D-Coder’s music can be described as synthetic ambient with heavy EBM basslines. The sound is variated with elements of both electronica, nu-gospel, soul-pop and house.
Cisc Cisc
complex instruction set computing from steel city
Sinthsis Sinthesis
sinthesis is self-aware organic machinery, generating automatic musical responses to the external stimulus of social decay evident in the deviant activity that is contemporary society.
Closer Contact Closer Contact
One-man project consisting of Magnus Larsson. Creating electronic/ambient/dark wave/electronica music since the 90’s. Past: Released album ‘Passion’ fall 2005 through Swedish label Irritum Records.Current: work in progress for second album. Future: more music; project combining audio with visuals is in the planning.
MaNi MaNi
MaNi is MaNi of Guilt Trip, on his own two feet he remixes and creates. That wich does not fit the Guilt Trip becomes MaNi. MaNis’ experience from electronic music ranges back through the years to when he was a young teenager sodomising his brothers drum machine and synthesisers. MaNi is MaNi-fold, diverse, unexpected and anarchic. You never know what you get, but you do know it will always be intriguing, fascinating and simply wonderful.

Relevant links:
“Totem EP” – the official “Totem EP” site (where the EP and the remix kits may be downloaded from).
Auto-Auto – official band site
Substream – record label
Creative Commons – flexible copyright licenses for creative works.

Creative Commons License
“Connected Totem” by
D-Coder, Cisc, Sinthesis, Closer Contact and MaNi is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“Connected Totem” is NCB001

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