She’s Still Noisy

Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Lucidstatic – Re_volve (vs Impurfekt)
Symbiont Underground – Tympanik Audio
Sirko Drive – Isolation (live with Avid Ail)
[Anonymousity – Audiotrauma]
Enduser – 1/3
[1/3 – Ad Noiseam]
Kid606 Feat Mike Patton – Secrets 4 Sale
[Down with the Scene – Ipecac]
How To Destroy Angels – BBB
[How To Destroy Angels]
Flint Glass – Cthulhu Dawn
[Nyarlathotep + Beyond – Brume Records]
Mike Patton – A Woman With The Skin Of The Moon
[Adult Themes for Voice – Tzadik]
Republik of Screens – The Worst of Drugs
[Anonymousity – Audiotrauma]
Prometheus Burning – Unpleasant Presence
[Displacement Disorder – Augmented Records]
Subheim – Streets
[No Land Called Home – Ad Noiseam]
Sonic Area – Ruine de l’├óme
[Les crises labyrinthiques – Audiotrauma]
Matta – Inquisition, pt. III
[Lost EP – Ad Noiseam]
Otto Von Schirach – My Supernatural Motorcycle Gang Will Knife You
[Magic Triangle – Subconscious Communications]

— music selection & mixing by MissyK8

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