Program 20100719-0725

Part 1
(“A Metal Ink’d Tea” with music selection by Tom Bad Sekta)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Vangelis – Tears in the Rain
[Blade Runner – EastWest]
Beck – Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometime (Jools MF’s I Need Your Love Glitch Remix)
Gruf – The Owl
[Druidry – Peanuts & Corn]
Loop Junktion – ?????
[Turkey – Sony]
Alex Smoke – Filla
[Lux – Hum+Haw]
Burial – Distant Lights
[Burial – Hyperdub]
Atomhead – Rift
[Vortex – Entity]
Bleubird – Drunk on Movement
[R.I.P. U.$.A – Endemik]
Atrium Carceri – Meltdown
[Ptahil – Cold Meat Industry]
Beats Antique – Intertwine
[Tribal Beats for Urban Streets – Copeland International Arts]
Blackfilm – Midnight to 4am
[Blackfilm – Spectraliquid]
Borgore – Birthday and The Black November
[Birthday And The Black November / Ambient Dub Shit – Audio Freaks]
Foreign Beggars – Get a Bit More (Schism Remix)
[No Holds Barred/Get a Bit More (Remixes) – Never Say Die]
Doctor P – Sweet Shop
[Sweet Shop/Gargoyles – Circus Records]

Part 2
(“20100719-0725 B” with music selection by K8 & M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Lucidstatic – Headhunter (Filter Mix) [with Mono Penguin]
[Symbiont Underground – Tympanik Audio]
DJ Vadim – R3 Imaginashun
[U Can’t Turn Imaginashun]
Metaform – Strange Girl
[The Electric Mist – self-released]
Ginormous – Mountain (Hecq Remix)
[Egantic – Hymen Records]
Thee Maldoror Kollective – Tryptamine (Yellow 03)
[Themes For Proxima]
Frank Riggio – Blind City
[Anamorphoses – Spectraliquid]
Zeller – The Beast
[Turbulences – Tympanik Audio]
Worms of the Earth – Passing Through The Deep
[The Lesser Ophidian Gate – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Sektor 304 – Body Hammer
[Soul Cleansing – Malignant Records]
Muckrackers – Moyeure (une usine vient de mourir)
[Les Chansons de la Forge – Les Forces AlliĆ©es]
Hpc – Dissociate
[HalfBreed – Ant-Zen]

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