Program 20090921-0927

Part 1
(“September Chaos Sedated” with music selection by Invisible War)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Cities Last Broadcast – Cella
[The Cancelled Earth – Cyclic Law]
Troum – Neheh
[Aiws – Transgredient Records]
Lacus Somniorum – Hinterland
[Tideshaper – Cyclic Law]
Funerary Call – On Locust Winds
[On The Brink Of Infinity – Chthonic Streams]
New Risen Throne – Sigh of the Soul
[Crossing the Withered Regions – Cold Meat Industry]
Eldar – New Gods
[Sapere Aude – Cold Meat Industry]
Navicon Torture Technologies – Mother Of All Crossroads
[Mind is a Prison – Annihilvs]
Der Blutharsch – The Pleasures Received In Pain VI
[The Pleasures Received In Pain – WKN]

Part 2
(“Variance Of Descent” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Urceus Exit – Drifting
[Compensation For The Sound Of Silence – Artoffact Records]
Client – Your Love Is Like Petrol
[Command – Out Of Line]
Marsheaux – Stand By
[Lumineux Noir – Out Of Line]
Dekad – This Aching Kiss
[V/A – Auto-Reverse – BOREDOMproduct]
Scarlet Soho – Modern Radio
[Warpaint – Major Records]
Roughhausen – Dirty Little Secret
[Somenone’s Got To Pay – self-released]
Skullduggery – Relapse
[You Are Here. [Nowhere] – Trozoc]
End – LSD Made A Wreck Of Me
[The Dangerous Class – Hymen Records]
Sickboy – Don’t Stop Now
[Time To Play – Ad Noiseam]
Dead Hollywood Stars – Back In Town
[V/A – Miwak Twelve – Hymen Records]
Autoclav1.1 – Tomorrow
[Where Once Were Exit Wounds – Tympanik Audio]
OpĂ©rateur Fotokopieur – What Are We Leaving Behind?
[Atomic Spaceship – Midinette Records]
Pine Tree State Mind Control – Redemption Song / Subtle Redemption
[Esquimaux – [walnut + locust]]

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