Program 20080630-0706

Part 1
(“5th Raider Hardcore Mix” with music selection by 5th Raider)
The Rapist – The Silent Scream
Evil Activities – X-Tinction
Promo – Day of Anger
[The Third Movement]
Lady Dana – Ladies First
[The Third Movement]
Chosen Few – Fucking Hardcore #4
[Mokum Records]
DJ Weirdo & Dr Phil Omanski – One Tribes Jam (DJ Promo Mix)
[ID&T – Thunderdome XVII]
DJ Promo – Bring It Raw
[Bzrk Records Black Label]
Delta 9 – Son Of A Bitch (’97 Re-Edit)
T.O.P.D.R.O.P. – Achtung!
[Rave Records]
Delta 9 – Welcome to Hell
Omar Santana – Hardcore Moederneuker
[H2OH Recordings]
Nasenbluten – Cunt Face
[Bloody Fist Records]
Atari Teenage Riot – Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
[Digital Hardcore Recordings]
Dr. Macabre Feat. Frozen – Dimension of the Doomed
[Epileptik Productions]
The Outside Agency – The Smog Sin & The Omen Sights
[Genosha Recordings]
Enzyme X – Illuminati
[Enzyme X]
5th Raider – Genesis
The Outside Agency – Oscillation Overthruster
[Genosha Recordings]
Enzyme X – Fytoftora
[Enzyme X]
5th Raider – Void (Remix)
DJ Freak vs. Smarti – Amytriptoleyne
[Hard Of Hearing]

Part 2
(“20080630-0706” with music selection by M.)
Prospero – Folie à Deux (feat. It-Clings)
[Folie à Deux – Artoffact]
Exocet – Saint Terrorism
[Violation – Ant-Zen]
Mind Necrosis Factor – Song Of Dunes
[Morphogenesis – Audiotrauma]
Famine – Optical Stimuli
[Every Mirror Turns Black – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Synnack – L3d
[v2 – Force Of Nature]
Raxyor – Power vs. Power
[V/A – Wake Up: get out of my fucking house – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Blaerg – Hermaphrodite Android’s Cumshot Infinity
[Dysphoric Sonorities – Bottle Imp]
Lingouf – Harpman
[Area Keloza – Ant-Zen]
Monokrom – Faglork
[One Fine Day In The Pyramid – Ant-Zen]
Kotra – Solid Dissection
[Reset – Kvitnu]

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