Program 20080609-0615

Part 1
(“Kinetik Swag” with music selection by DJ Razor*Grrrl)
This Morn’ Omina – Ma/i/nomai (CCF)
[V/A Kinetik Festival: Volume One – ArtofFact Records]
Tuo – The Mover & The Shaker of the World
[V/A Wake Up: Get Out of My Fucking House – Bugs Crawling Out of People]
Mono No Aware – Ta’amulâ
[V/A Kinetik Festival: Volume One – ArtofFact Records]
Edgey – My Tactic – Vengeance
[Edgey vs Depth Error: The Abuse Technique – Hive Records]
Worms of the Earth – The Whore
[The Angels of Prostitution – Bugs Crawling Out of People]
Freeze Etch – Soarover
[Vessels – Force of Nature]
Empusae – Undead Soil
[The Hatred of Trees – Hands Productions]
Ad·ver·sary – Friends of Father (Tonikom remix)
[Bone Music – Tympanik]
Twinkle – Joue Avec Moi
[Le Jouet – Ant-Zen Records]
Memmaker – Insomnia
[How To Enlist in a Robot Uprising – Hive Records]
Famine – Idle Flattery
[Every Mirror Turns Black – Bugs Crawling Out of People]
Autoclav1.1 – By My Own Admission (C Drone Defect)
[Broken Beats for Broken Hearts – Hive Records]

Part 2
(“Still Rollin'” with music selection by M.)
Heimstatt Yipotash – Spieltrieb
[V/A – Forms Of Hands 08 – Hands Productions]
Element Abuse – White Slave
[Unbirth – Ytterbium]
Alter Der Ruine – K.I.A.
[State Of Ruin – Sistinas]
Proyecto Mirage – Salvation
[Turn It On – Ant-Zen]
To Mega Therion – Sons Of Asmodeus (Sonovabitch Remix by Endif)
[The Blood Rituals – Sistinas]
Pneumatic Detach – Circling The Drain
[[ko.mor.bid] – Tympanik Audio]
Drumcorps – Grist
[Grist – Ad Noiseam]
Bong-Ra – Slaytronic
[Full Metal Racket – Ad Noiseam]
The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble – Solomon’s Curse
[The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble – Planet Mu]
Critikal – Rapture Periods
[Graphorrhea – Kvitnu]
Metheora – In The Shell
[V/A – ReSSonus.Net Vol.1 – ReSSonus]

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