Program 20071105-1111

Part 1
(“Halloween Special” with music selection by DJ Razor*Grrrl)
Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave – Blood of Three Virgins
[Slr666 – Sublight Records]
MZ 412 – Submit and Obey
[Burning the Temple of God – Cold Meat Industry]
Stratvm Terror – Germinal Torture
[Pariah Demise – Cold Meat Industry]
Synkro – Night Travel
[dR. Tuesday – Pseudo Media]
Camanecroszcope – From the Gulf an into Existence
[Echoes ov a Beckoning Arcanum – Spectre Records]
P.A.L. – A Nightmare’s Soundtrack
[V/A. Audiotion – Sonic Tribute To Takashi Miike – Ant-Zen Records]
Dead Man’s Hill – Kabbalistic Speculations
[Lakes of Sacrifice – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Rome – Hope Dies Painless
[Nera – Cold Meat Industry]
Fin de Siècle – Laudanum
[L’Âme-Frère – Cauldron Music]
Ministry – Everyday is Halloween
[V/A. The Black Bible – Cleopatra]

Part 2
(“Ambient for the Masses” with music selection by M.)
Vromb – Repose Toi
[Sous Hypnose – Ant-Zen]
The [Law-Rah] Collective – Hell
[…as it is… – Spectre Records]
Etant Donnes – Chair
[V/A – Coilectif – Rotorelief]
Visions – Auroral Glare
[Lapse – Cyclic Law]
15 Degrees Below Zero – The Returning
[Kronos – Angle-Rec]
The Missing Ensemble – Hidden Doors Part IV
[Hidden Doors – Mondes Elliptiques]
Conure – Some Vowed Abstinence
[The Generation of our Grandfathers – Edgetone Records]

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