Program 20070625-0701

Part 1
(“Forbidden Romanticized Erection Impertinent Mini-skirt Anemones” with music selection by F.R.E.I.M.A.)
Fulano47 – Artificial Inteligence v0.47
Buna – Hold Your Freima
Lukkas – Watch Yourself
Freimatic Twins – Freimatic
Fulano47 – Freimology Part II
Lukkas – Another
Fulano47 – Ignorance Is Bliss
Fulano47 – On Becoming A Samurai

Part 2
(“A Civil Rights Manifesto of sorts…” with music selection by M.)
Coreline – Free Paris Hilton
[online release]
Iszoloscope – Seasonal Identity Disco Crisis
[V/A – The Other Side – Geska Records]
Sandblasting – Abba Pather 2006
[Adrenaline – Rustblade]
Zonk’t – Throb
[-trope – Sound On Probation]
Sci Fi Industries – Murnaus Absistencia (Mikroben Krieg remix)
[Drafts And Crafts – Thisco]
Scottfro – Darkness Where There Should Be Light
[V/A – The Other Side – Geska Records]
Photophob – At The Dragon Lair Bus Stop
[Circadian Rhythms – Laridae]
Pzychobitch – Psycho-Pop-Groove
[Electrolicious – Minuswelt]
Mark Nicholas – Two Sandwiches
[Duchess 33 – Dirty Electronic]
Heimstatt-Yipotash – Mühsal der Kosmonauten
[V/A – Tonwellen Konferenz – Atacama Records]
Geneviève Pasquier – Tu Est Le Star
[Soap Bubble Factory – Ant-Zen]

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