Program 20070326-0401

Part 1
(“soulwax likes to vitalic on the black strobe by the motor” by DJ Burn)
Vitalic – Candy
[EFanfares 12″ – Different]
Soulwax – Slowdance
[Nite Versions – Play It Again Sam]
Soulwax – Another Excuse (DFA remix)
[Nite Versions – Play It Again Sam]
MOTOR – Black Powder
[Klunk – NovaMute]
Vitalic – Juliet India
[OK Cowboy – Different]
MOTOR – King of USA
[Klunk – NovaMute]
Vitalic- La Rock 01
[OK Cowboy – Different]
Ascii.Disko – Black Metal (Oliver Huntemann’s Black Metal Electro Disko Remix)
[Black Metal 12″ – Ascii Disko]
Black Strobe – Deceive / Play
[ Deceive / Play – Black Strobe]

Part 2
(“Agnostic Cheesecake (comin’ at ya like a freight train!)” with music selection by M.)
Lingouf – Raymond-S reu-reumix
[Ecritomate – Ark-Aïk]
Venetian Snares – Donut
[Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms – Planet Mu]
Kenji Siratori – Mantra 07
[Humanexit – T’an! Kaven!! Ash!!!]
DJ Rainbow Ejaculation – Time to call in the carpet cleaning professionals
[V/A – White Cock – Cock Rock Disco]
Mark Stewart – Consumed
[Control Data – Mute Records]
Ultraviolet – Electronic Love Machine (Rupesh Cartel remix)
[Dos – A Different Drum]
Q*Ball – Pez Dispenser
[This is Serious Business – Bald Freak Music]
Virtual Server – Desperate Man (featuring Echo Image)
[Setup – A Different Drum]
Quantic Church – Millenium Jihad
[V/A – Electronic Manifesto – Caustic Records]
Control Alt Deus & E.S.C. – Not My Saviour (live @ Rock In Chiado 2007.03.03)
[unreleasedwww.myspace.com/controlaltdeus + www.myspace.com/edensyntheticcorps]
Modulate – Electronic Battle Weapon
[Skullfuck EP – Sistinas Music]
Caustic – Bugchaser
[Booze Up And Riot – Crunch Pod]

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