Program 20061106-1112

Part 1
(“Temple du Serpent Eléctrique” with music selection by Thinlizard)
Wideband Network – The Silence (Burufunk Mix) (08:53)
[Show Me Love – A Different Drum]
Sensor – Serial Lover (Stella Existance Club Mix) (05:47)
[Seven Remixes – Sweet Rains Records]
NUN – Stop! (Lester Black’s Electro Disco Remix) (05:31)
[Stop! (Club Edit) – Substream]
DanSad – A Lover (04:17)
[Stop I Know – Lt Records]
The Echoing Green – Heart With A View (Echo Image Mix) (05:15)
[The Evergreen Collection – A Different Drum]
Rename (feat. Kirk Taylor) – Technicolor Girl (Rupesh Cartel’s Sodermanland Mix) (06:30)
[Energize (Maximize Bonus Disc) – A Different Drum]
Seize – Craving (Press The Mushroom Mix) (05:44)
[V/A – Re:Connected [2.0] – Alfa Matrix]
Mesh – Petrified (Reasonably Priced Mix) (06:54)
[My Hands Are Tied/Petrified – Königskinder]
Pristina (feat. Alicia Luma) – Skies (Rename Mix) (06:40)
[Stars & Sirens – A Different Drum]

Part 2
(“Russian Beer and Cheese Nachos” with music selection by M.)
Conure – Scraping the Cavity
[49 minutes (until release) – Crunch Pod]
ESA – Belief Conversion
[Disciplne, Devotion, and Denial – Hive Records]
The Operative – Photophobia
[An Adoring Circle Of Radical Calamity – Crunch Pod/Mechanismz]
Sonar – Red Capsules
[Alien Overdrive – Ant-Zen]
W.A.S.T.E. – Terrorists Don’t Do Drugs
[This Is What We Seek – Sistinas]
Crash Symptom – Eight Arms of Kali
[Fatal Error Demos – InfeKted Sound]
Ybrid – Scanssilis
[Khaos de Viscera – Ark-Aïk]
Dead Man’s Hill – Sacrifice of Subscription (featuring It-Clings)
[Lakes Of Sacrifice – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Cdatakill remix by Kids Return – Falling From The Sky
[V/A – Noxious Art Will Never Die!!! – Audiotrauma]
ANATOMICA – Fear event kills all the people in Grand Theft Auto
[V/A – Electr-Ohm Compilation 1 – Electr-Ohm]
Nichts – First Pressure
[V/A – Elements of Circuitry: Tribe Called Glitch Vol.1 – Backwards Records]

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