Program 20060612-0618

Part 1
(“The Return of the King” with music selection by Crippled.Hope)
Dive vs Diskonnekted – Frozen (Metamatic Mix By Numb)
[Frozen – Alfa Matrix]
Front 242 – Tragedy for You
[Tyrranny for You – Epic]
Haujobb – Yearning
[Homes and Gardens – Pendragon Records]
Coil – Titan Arch
[Love’s Secret Domain – Wax Trax! Records]
Klinik – Reversal
[Dark Surgery – Hands Productions]
Wave Workers Foundation – In the Whirlpool
[In the Whirlpool – Pendragon Records]
Lab ANimals – Disposal
[Disposal – Off Beat]
Numb – Dead Inside
[Christmeister – Lively Art]

Part 2
(“A whole lot of number 9’s.” with music selection by M.)
Photophob – Huge Storm Coming (fairy falls)
[Still Warm – Hive Records]
Antigen Shift – Refuge
[The Way Of The North – Ad Noiseam]
Stephen James Knight (Edgey) – Soil Mechanics
[Everyone Is Beautiful To Someone – Reduced Phat]
ILI feat. Volyushka – Olyushka
[V/A – Slavosonic – Dars Records]
Ethnica Music Project feat. Mox – Deep Blue
[V/A – Slavosonic – Dars Records]
Slacknote – Skulls
[V/A – Notochord – Notochord]
Saltillo – Grafting
[Ganglion – Suspicious Records]
Larvae – Nation Of Bling
[Dead Weight – Ad Noiseam]
Rose Et Noire – La Riviére
[Tracé Dans Le Bleu – Discordian Records]
Caustic – Mmm Papscrapper I Love You [preceeded by an edit of This Track Will Be Skipped a Lot]
[Kittens, Unicorns & Shit – Static Sky/Crunch Pod]
Geneviéve Pasquier – Disapointing Expectations
[Soap Bubble Factory – Ant-Zen]
Orphx – Uprising
[Insurgent Flows – Hands Productions]

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