Program 20050412-0418

Part 1
(“Part one of this week’s podcast is by João” with music selection by João)
Streicher – Coded Channels
[War Without End – Cold Spring Records]
Iszoloscope – No More Sighs
[Au Seuil du Néant – Ant-Zen]
Congig.Sys – Satelliten
[Gravity Probe [b] – Pflichtkauf]
Bastard Noise / Christian Renou – Solaris
[Brainstorming – Desolation House]
Haus Arafna – Seven Murder
[The Singles 1993-2000 – Galakthorrö]
Masonna – Part VII
[Spectrum Ripper – Cold Spring Records]
P.A.L – Sacred Women
[Retro – Ant-Zen]

Part 2
(“Zombie beating the crap of teenager with someone else’s leg.” with music selection by M.)M.

Mind.In.A.Box – Light & Dark
[Lost Alone – Dependent]
Seabound – Hooked
[No Sleep Demon v2.0 – Metropolis]
Mesh – Retaliation
[Who watches over me? – Home Records]
Re_agent – Creeping Up On You
[Abandon – self-release]
Jessiva Vale – Disco Libido
[The Sex Album – Explicit Records]
Sci-Fi Industries – Le Magistral
[6.factor.ep – ThisCo]
Q*Ball – Brock Turmon, P.I.
[Fortune Favors the Bald – Bald Freak Music]
Dive – This Is Me
[Behind the Sun – Daft Records]
De Mange Machine – C ancer
[Conscience – Brume Records]
Novo – Rockbox
[The Open EP – Softly Records]
I, Parasite – Previous
[On This Cold Floor – Dark Vision Media]

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