Program 20041109-1115

Part 1
(music selection by M.)
Straiph – Barry No be long-right Johnny
[Thin Bony Scour – self-released]
Tzolk’in – Lamat
[Tzolk’in – Divine Comedy Records]
Flint Glass – Dust Particles
[Hierakonpolis – Brume Records]
In Slaughter Natives – The Vulture
[V/A – Flowers made of Snow – Cold Meat Industry]
Ice Ages – I come for You
[This Killing Emptiness – Draenour Productions]
Terminal Sound System – Before the Snow comes Ash
[Last Night I Dreamed of Armageddon – Hive Records]
Henrik N. Björkk – Patterns Emerging 2
[I End Forever – Horch! Audio]
Velapene Screen – Can You Find My Mind, Suck It If You Do
[Medical Breaths – Frozen Empire Media]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Grendel – Zombie Nation
[Prescription:Medicine (limited edition) – Noitekk]
The Azoic – Let Me Tell You Something
[Illuminate – Infacted Recordings]
Nebula-H – Mobilis Im Mobile
[V/A – Cryonica Tanz v.3 – Cryonica]
Corpus – Train 147
[Syn:Drom – Season of Mist]
KiEw – Doc.Div
[Divergent – Out of Line]
Unternull – The Clock Is Ticking (Terrorfakt mix)
[V/A – FUCK – Hive Records]
Swamp Terrorists – Pale Torment (Convert single mix)
[V/A – 5 Years Of Electronic Tears – Cyberware Productions]
Spetsnaz – That Perfect Body (radio edit)
[Perfect Body – Out of Line]
Fixmer/McCarthy – You Want It
[Between the Devil… – Synthetic Symphony]

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