Program 20041012-1018

Part 1
(music selection by Crippled.Hope)
Blank – Visual Overflow
[Artificial Breathing – ArtOfFact]
Male or Female – Louder than Silence
[Recallled Moments – Alfa Matrix]
Covenant – Edge of Dawn
[Dreams of a Criotank – Off-Beat]
Mesh – Light of Day
[Fragmente – Memento Materia]
Z Prochek – One Last Time
[Intravenous – Prototyp]
Christ Analogue – Optima
[In Radiant Decay – Re-constriction Records]
Swayzak – Make up your Mind
[Make up your Mind – Studio !K7]
Portishead – Seven Months
[Portishead – Go! Beat]
Dive vs. Kirlian Camera – Obsession
[Obsession – Triton]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Assemblage 23 – Divide
[Failure – Accession Records]
Mono Chrome – This Life
[Collapse and Sever – Cryonica Music]
the Parallel Project (feat. Mark Jackson) – Deleted Scenes
[Fusion – Out of Line]
Mind.In.A.Box – Walking
[Lost Alone – Dependent Records]
Cut.Rate.Box – Synthetic
[Dataseed – Accession Records]
H_M_B – This Fire
[Great Industrial Love Affairs – Flatline Records]
Infrastructure – Fair and Balanced
[Salt the Earth – Fire In The Hole!]
Haujobb – A Terrifying Truth
[Vertical Theory – Out of Line]
Neuroticfish – Wake Me Up
[Les Chansons Neurotiques – Strange Ways]

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