Program 20040817-0823

Part 1
(music selection by :JW:)
Neither Neither World – Dracbaby
Lhasa – Anywhere on this road
Orange Blossom – Anaconda Girl
Qntal – Roussinhol
Non Compos Mentis – Profound Protection
Static Movement – Nouvelle Vague
A├»boforcen – Not Unique (dos)

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Manufactura – Muerto de Miedo
[Precognitive Dissonance – Hive Records]
Censor – Union Square
[Empire Holds Down – Hive Records]
Kaebin Yeld – Kin Recognition
[Symbiosis – Hive Records]
Lament Configuration – aydnoybon [smooth reelin’ mix]
[FUCK (limited edition) – Hive Records]
Exclipsect – Motoroller
[Symbiosis – Hive Records]
Railgun – The Trouble with Progress
[FUCK (limited edition) – Hive Records]
Tekniq – Minty Tasty
[Shazbut! – Hive Records]

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