Program 20040810-0816

Part 1
(music selection by MIG-Piranha)
Uranium 235 – You spin me round (like a record)
[Cultural Minority – SPV]
Schnitt Acht – Rage
[Slash and Burn – Hyperium]
Stiff Miners – Giselle
[Giselle – Hard Records Europe]
Project Pitchfork – Renascence (Infinity mix by Front Line Assembly
[Industrial Mix Machine – Zoth Ommog]
Fear Factory – Genetic Blueprint (new breed)
[Remanufacture – Roadrunner Records]
Spahn Ranch – Vortex (blackened mix by Uberzone)
[In Parts Assembled Solely – Cleopatra Records]
Test Department – Pax Americana (Jihad dub Mix)
[Legacy 1990/1993 – Jungle Records]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Oil 10 – On the Road
[Arena – Brume Records]
De Mange Machine – La myopie de la rétine boulimique
[Gourmandise – Brume Records]
Zonk’t – Banging Shutter
[Itching – Brume Records]
Remain Silent – Introversion – Part 4 (edit)
[T>I>D – Brume Records]
OTX – Missile Attack
[Escape – Brume Records]
Data Raper – 5eme Colonne
[Carbon Flora – Brume Records]
L’Église du Mouvement Péristaltique Inversé – Pression
[L’Église du Mouvement Péristaltique Inversé – Brume Records]

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