Program 20040720-0802

Part 1
(guest music selection by João)
Winterkälte – Green War Theme One
[Green War – Hands Productions]
Bastard Noise – Beneath Ice Skin
[Descent To Mimas – Ground Fault Recordings]
Sonar – Tafoukt
[Volt Control – Daft Records]
Maska Genetik – White Tracks
[V/A – Kosmoloko – Galakthorrö]
:Wumpscut: – Float (remix mfast by Dive)
[Music For A Slaughtering Tribe – Beton Kopf Media]
Subliminal – Hunting For Humans
[V/A – Kosmoloko – Galakthorrö]
Der Blutharsch – Achtung (:W: Rmx 4 Der Blutharsch)
[Tribe – Beton Kopf Media]
Haus Arafna – Hymn To Despair
[V/A – Kosmoloko – Galakthorrö]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Somegirl – Defeatist
[I’ve been known to be completely wrong – A Different Drum]
Mesh – Little Missile
[Who Watches Over Me? – Home Records]
De/Vision – Drifting sideways
[Devolution – Drakkar Entertainment]
The Echoing Green – The Story of our Lives
[The Winter of our Discontent – A Different Drum]
Echo Image – Good Intentions
[Compuphonic – Bloodline]
Sweep – Last Train to Paris
[Two Players – A Different Drum]
Ganymede – Hong Kong
[Space and Time – Cohaagen]

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