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Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Dirk Geiger – Night In Haskovo
[Autumn Fields – Tympanik Audio]
Action Nano – Magic Circuits
[Select And Start – M-tronic]
Cruise [Ctrl] – Where Is Alice? Alice Who?
[How’s Annie? – Divine Comedy Records]
Millimetric (feat. The Hacker) – Mecanographe
[Reconfiguration – M-tronic]
Mink – Ride (Danny Hyde remix)
[Splicing The Icy Expanse – else.product]
Ellen Alien – Sun The Rain
[Dust – Bpitch Control]
Plateau – Butterface
[Gort Spacebar – Subconscious Communications]
Celluloide – Coeur 8-bit
[Hexagonal – BOREDOMproduct]
The Rorschach Garden – How To Become Invisible
[42 Times Around The Sun – Bazooka Joe]
Cursor Miner – The Golem Of Bognor Regis
[Requires Attention – uncharted audio]
Wisp – Ptolemy Sphere
[Drinking The Goat’s Blood – Record Label Records]
Tapage & Meander – Oceanographic
[Etched In Salt – Tympanik Audio]
Djoto – Oderus Beast
[Slow Mothin Burn – Subconscious Communications]
Matta – Monster
[Prototype – Ad Noiseam]
Magnitophobo (feat. Pleq) – The Robot Can’t Swim
[Sound Of Rebirth – Impulsive Art]

— music selection & mixing by M.

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