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Free releases

Aloo “Klangbild” (Astor Bell) Cagey House “Flapper With Tuba” (Fwonk*) Cagey House “Ratty Boo” (Bump Foot) Eustachian “The Sphagnum Bog” (Grindcore Karaoke) Foretaste “Reproduced” Tyler, The Creator “Bastard” (OFWGKTA) Various [ … ]

Free releases

Jason Forrest “Utopia EP” (Deathbomb Arc) Mental D-struction “Extrapolation¬≤” (Wildness Records) the People’s Republic Of Europe “Gothic Ass” Sickboy “Tweencore” (Cock Rock Disco) Sy9 “Instances” (Absetzer) TSIDMZ vs. Narog “Conflagratio” [ … ]

2010 Staff Picks

Alexei Monroe Le Syndicat Electronique “Retrospect[r]ive 1998-2005” (Disorder Records) Morbus M. “Forget The Past” (Hands Productions) Thomas K√∂ner “Teimo/Permafrost/Nunatak” (Type) Suum Cuique “Midden” (Young Americans) The Black Dog “Final Collected [ … ]

K8’s listening tips

Richard Chartier (known here as pinkcourtesyphone) provides a gorgeous minimal electronica DJ set for We Are Squirrelly: http://soundcloud.com/we-are-squirrelly/pinkcourtesyphone-for-squirrelly Mix by Loop Stepwalker for Ad Noiseam: http://www.adnoiseam.net/news/free-winter-mix-by-loop-stepwalker/ Beautiful in its wrongness! [ … ]