Promotional material for review

Bands and labels wishing to submit material for review should e-mail us to obtain our postal address. We accept CDs, CDRs and Vinyl for review but request the addition of a CDR when sending vinyl. Releases in audio data formats (MP3, OGG, etc) are accepted, but may take more time to be processed due to time and practical constraints.

Though we do try to review/feature all the material we are sent, we reserve the right not to review/feature material which is judged to be too substandard (i.e., we’d rather spend time promoting good music than pointing out bad quality music) or which doesn’t fit our musical/editorial focus. In the latter case, we will do our best to forward the received material to other publications, DJs, etc., with whom we are in contact.

We do not review free digital releases. However, if something is thought to be good enough, it may be included in our weekly recommended free releases list.

We try to notify labels and artists when reviews are published and all reviews have a direct link for ease of reference. In case we forget something, we advise you to subscribe our newsletter or RSS feed.

Submissions for release in the Connexion Bizarre

Artists wishing to submit material for release through our netlabel section should contact us directly. All our releases are licensed through Creative Commons and we sugest that artists set up accounts at a print-on-demand service like CreateSpace.com to offer their releases for sale, free of charge and keeping any profit for themselves, for the benefit of music enthusiasts that prefer a ready-made hardcopy.

Please note that, in all cases, we cover electronic and electronic-based music only (i.e., no metal, rock, etc.) though some electronic crossover material may be accepted; also we do not normally cover rap, house and other related genres.