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synnack – v2.5

“v2.5” can be a very tough nut to crack as one of those albums that, upon first listen, one immediately knows is excellent but can’t really explain why. On occasion, listening it almost feels like tuning an FM receiver in the middle of the night: even if revisiting ‘familiar’ areas of the FM spectrum you never know what you will find or how it will shift.

Torrent Vaccine: an interview with Brad Vaccine

Torrent Vaccine is an electronic solo operation out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brought to life by Brad Vaccine after moving there in 1998. Growing up in rural Louisiana, Brad was continuously searching for ways to pass the time – this eventually led to an interest in music and writing his own was a natural progression. Without committing to a defined style, Torrent Vaccine has left room to expand into different scenes while still maintaining the idea of ‘industrial’ music and his individualism.