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Vortex – Rockdrill

After listening to this for a few minutes it is readily apparent that Rockdrill is a good fit at Cyclic Law. The vibe of the music recollects something perilously mysterious of deeply ancient and organic origin; I find myself constantly getting mental images of primordial human plight. Fans of industrial-tinged dark ambient (with a pinch of neofolk) should really like this one.

Tholen – Neuropol

If you want to feel like you live in a collapsing cyberpunk dystopian world where pollution and human failure have caused the denizens to retreat to the murky underground, then leave this playing at all hours. It’s intricate and detailed enough for somewhat active listening, but un-intrusive enough to leave on while you do other life activities.

Parhelion – Midnight Sun

“Midnight Sun” wastes no time: upon its opening it immediately thrusts the listener into the crushing, icy winds of the vacant arctic tundra… At low volume levels it may seem boring and no different from similar albums, but at a mid-level volume on a good system this album really comes alive and all its nuances are exhumed from beneath blackened ice.

Allseits – Hel

One thing that I really enjoy about the Cyclic Law label is its level of consistency. “Hel” is another fine entry in a fantastic catalog. From the get-go, “Hel” seems like exactly what you’d expect from a release bearing the Cyclic Law name: an extremely dark, droning collection of deep ambience.