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Vlüba – Live at Erks

Vlüba - Live at Erks

CD-R, Circuit Torçat, 2009

Founded at the beginning of 2009, Circuit Torçat is a Spanish label dedicated to all kinds of sonic experimentations, and this album is their third release. Vlubä is an Argentinian band who has been active since the nineties and already released a bunch of CD-R’s and cassettes on various labels since 2004, and today they present us this live recording.
Vlubä is composed of three members : Müriscia who performs vocals, uses machines and plays shamanistic flute and drums ; Aphra who plays daff (Egyptian percussions), gopichand (Indian one-string instrument) and manipulates stones, and Lou who also plays daff and manipulate various objects. For this record, they took up residence for one night in the Valle del Silencio, inside a cavern in the mountain ranges of Cordoba, Argentina, and drew their inspiration from the natural world, indigenous tribal chants, spiritualism and the distance from the modern world’s madness, and used the music to throw themselves into a state of trance which lasted all night long. The few electric power they needed was supplied by a solar generator, in order to remain faithful to their concept of harmony with nature. Musically speaking, the result of this experience can be describe as psychedelic, ambient, experimental, non-music, and so on… The percussions usually sound like snaps and are quite discreet in the final mix, leaving the lion’s share to the pads and the atmospheric sounds. The vocal parts call to mind some kind of litanies and accentuate the ritual dimension of the whole thing.
More than just a record, “Live at Erks” is a spiritual experience which deserves to be listened carefully and in a proper state of mind, in order to fully enjoy the journey it will take you to, a journey which no one can figure out the real destination…


— Olivier Noel

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