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V/A – Antibothis – Occultural Anthology 1

V/A - Antibothis - Occultural Anthology 1

CD+Book, Thisco, 2008

This is essentially a collection of ambient works, some ranging from the Thisco stable with spoken word coming by way of Jarboe and Kenji Siratori amongst others. The narration is taken from book anthologies and interviews relating to many an ideology.
Thisco have got themselves a name for releasing music more as an art form, and are connected to many an art council and such like. It is of no great surprise then that such a project has the touch of the Thespian about it, and really had me gritting my teeth before pressing play reading the press package that came with it.
On the musical side, the soundtrack laid before you is fairly decent, ticking many a necessary ambient box as to not be a hindrance on the ear. Unfortunately this was all that had me; I simply do not have patience when it comes to someone trying to make statement in this manner and any power the lyrics were meant to convey became lost on me as pretentious drivel. The album could have been left without the many a warbling and spasmolitic gibbering that make this album an endurance best left to college performance art, produced by students who are desperately trying to avoid the workplace for a few years bumming away on Mummy and Daddy’s savings in further education.


— Tony Young

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